Latter-day Saint Faith Crisis


A special vocabulary has arisen in online communities to enable people in faith transition to better describe their experiences and empathize with each other. Some of the most useful words and phrases are defined on this page.

Crisis and Transition

The terms "faith crisis" and "faith transition" are used interchangeably on this site even though they have different connotations. Active, believing members generally use the term "faith crisis," seeing an altered relationship with the church as a temporary, solvable problem characterized by abnormal uncertainty. Members who have experienced it generally prefer the term "faith transition" or "faith journey," seeing the experience as an essential part of their spiritual development and personal growth. Some other members don't like to label their experience in any particular way.

A journey through doubt may lead to strengthened faith and testimony, separation from the church, or something in between. The constant in all of these experiences is change. Therefore, we find that "faith transition" is the more accurate terminology. However, we use both terms on this site to make it easier to find for members who use the "crisis" terminology about themselves.

Words and phrases